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Cult new photographs Godard Bardot now available at Galerie Miranda

Paris, June 2023. To coincide with the 60th anniversary and premier of the restoration of Le Mépris (Contempt) at Cannes Classics Film festival on the 17th May 2023, Galerie Miranda, Paris, is delighted to present Godard Bardot, the new work by Irish artist and dye-transfer printer Jean Curran, a series of 13 handmade dye-transfer photographs printed from film stills of the original reel of Le Mépris ('Contempt’), 1963.

Through a process of editing and isolating selected frames from the original reel, conducted with the full support of both Jean-Luc Godard and Brigitte Bardot, Jean Curran has created an exclusive, limited edition series of handmade dye-transfer prints that are a fitting 60th anniversary tribute. In fact Curran’s initiation of the project in 2020 was not only fully supported by Studio Canal, it was a hugely influencing factor in the 4k restoration of the film which will now see the movie being re-released over the next year worldwide
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The Vertigo Project

Galerie Miranda is delighted to present The Vertigo Project - a series of 20 handmade dye transfer prints by Irish artist Jean Curran. This work has received critical acclaim in the New York Times, and it is the first time the full set of works is now available in France to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of one of the top films of all time as voted by American Film Institute, The British Film Institute, and Sight & Sound. A work of editing and re-presentation that takes key scenes from the original Dye Imbibition Print of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, which was released In Glorious Technicolor, the body of work reveals the cinematographic artistry of the film in a fresh and novel way.

Produced with the full co-operation of the Hitchcock Estate, Curran first edited select frames from a rare original Technicolor dye imbibition print of Vertigo from 1958, and then printed them using the same dye transfer process by which the movie was made. Editing 20 still images from the hundreds of thousands of frames that make up the film, Curran switches from moving pictures to still prints to create a medium-jumping work in its own right.

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About Jean Curran

Jean Curran is one of a handful of dye-transfer printers working in the world today, and the only artist to be using dye-transfer printing as the basis for her contemporary practice. Curran is interested in the re- contextualisation of early colour films and of re-presenting them as still frame photographic images. Her previous series 'The Vertigo Project', a series of 20 dye-transfer prints taken from the original reel of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958), has been exhibited internationally. The process by which Jean Curran makes her prints is deeply laborious and the time, technical knowledge, and attention that she bestows on each colour print, is similar to a painter or sculptor's practice. Curran’s transformation of movie frames gives us a chance to think about cinema and photography, their technological transitions and the myriad interconnections between film, cinema history, and painting.

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