Ellen Carey : Mirrors of chance, la photographie expérimentale

7 September - 20 October 2018

Experimental artist Ellen Carey is highly regarded for her work that digs deep into the  mother lode and structure of color in new and experimental ways.  Galerie Miranda will present for the first time Ellen Carey's latest photographic object the Zerogram, a color photogram produced in the framework of the artist's darkroom research on minimalism and abstraction.   The Zerogram is a 'mirror of chance' whose point of departure point is photographic colour theory and it is also the conceptual and physical follow-on from Carey's pioneering work in Polaroid.  Galerie Miranda is thus also exhibiting two striking, minimal black Polaroid Pull with Filigree (2004) and a black and red Pull with Red Rollback (2006), that, nearly 2m high, were made using the large format Polaroid 20 x 24 camera.
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